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The Rand Corporation: Think Tank for Martial Law

Editor Short:

You think the Prime Ministers and Presidents call the shots? – ‘think again.’

The Rand Corporation [described as “the wizards of Armageddon” is a leading decision maker for the Technocracy you live in] published this “Action Plan” on for mopping up uncooperative elements in Ukraine.


Rand’s Action Plan  is very similar to the regime change in Serbia; and what we also are seeing unfold in Syria.

The goal and aim of the Action Plan is to ‘tame’ Ukraine and bring it obediently inside a Euro-Mediterranean Union;  a union like the North American Union, being build, step by step.

This “Action Plan” includes:

Internment Camps,On-The-Spot Execution for Anyone Resisting Relocation and Martial Law Timetables


The document provides 3 stages of a military operation in eastern Ukraine.

The first stage implies total isolation of the region considering that all local citizens are terrorists or sympathizers.
Region should be encircled with troops and sealed off entirely from any flow of goods and persons. Broadcasting services, Internet connection, telephone and mobile communications in the region shall be shut down.

The second stage is named Mop-up. Ground assaults shall be preceded by air strikes against the strategic facilities. The use of non-conventional arms is allowed.

The document also provides for internment camps outside the cleared settlements. People featuring traces of combat engagement shall be tried in court for terrorism.

During the third stage Back to Normal power supplies and communications shall be restored. The borders shall be strengthened to avoid possible provocations. All the refugees should be checked for possible support for separatists in internment camps.

Special focus shall be made on information security. All foreign media shall be blocked there.

The second stage is rather blunt, noting:

“The use of non-conventional arms shall not be rulled out in certain cases in order to ensure smaller casualties among our own personnel.”

. . .

“Settlements shall be liberated one by one, with armor going in first and wiping out the remaining pockets of resistance, shooting to kill anyone who bears arms. Infantry shall move in next to relocate male adults into internment camps. Anyone who attempts to resist shall be executed on the spot. Children aged under 13 and people older than 60 shall be moved to specially equipped facilities in the areas that are further away from the zone of the anti-terrorist operation.”

. . .

At the end of the document, RAND notes:

“Note: If the active stage of the anti-terrorist operation ends no later than September 1, 2014, martial law shall be lifted no earlier than January 1, 2015

For the sake of the people of Eastern Ukraine, let’s hope elements of this RAND plan that haven’t been implemented stay that way.

Source: Report


Of Name and Number: The Inuit Disc System

Editor’s Short:



Though some would say it was done for benign motives, or to serve routine administrative necessity the Inuit Disc System is a little known or understood social engineering program in Canada. The Canadian government desired to know how many Inuit were in the north at the time and a way in which to keep track of the Inuit was sought. It was decided to utilise a  disc system to number the Inuit.

Though these people were not criminals, fingerprinting was called for the Inuit. The RCMP were told to ink the fingers of the Eskimos. The RCMP served  in several  administrative roles in the North, well beyond just normal policing.

The Inuit disc system was a propiska (passport) system.

This Inuit disc system  is one example of what is known as a continuous variable in history. It has been used by governments in several societies, over the centuries to track people to use them as subjects.

The Inuit were also required to take surnames; this was something they had never used among themselves previously.

We are reminded of King David’s decision to number Israel. He was punished by God severely for doing so. Why? Because God knew if left alone to pursue such grouping of other people a government can easily use the count to use and abuse those other people. This is a form of a ruler, or government to be god over other people, whom the True God created, and use them as property to tax.

This model is being implemented incrementally in the cities in southern Canada today, through our cell phone numbers, university one-cards, library cards and other common ID to monitor the movement of Canadians. Algorithms and data shadows are being used to profile and group people to weigh their utility in the Technocracy (the forming society). It is a people classification Brave New World; it is the construction of a digital caste system.

The Aleut Deportation as Warning for North Americans

Editors Short:

Going into World War II, the Aleut (Alaskan Eskimos) were deported to rainy ill-conditioned camps where disease would strike down ‘one-tenth’ of their families. The basic civil rights of these Aleut were removed following the entry of the United States into the Second World War. What is important to for us to connect here is that the humiliations and deprivations imposed on the Aleut can also be done to you. This can happen swiftly and with little warning too

This grievous chapter of pain and shock descended upon Aleut by surprise; without their input; or their permission. The Aleut had thought they were American citizens with rights like anyone else. When the United States entered the war with Nazi Germany they employed arguments of countering race and rights violations to raise support for that war effort. The U.S. Government, many are unaware, used its own blood quantum to determine who would be deported away from the Aleutians, and elsewhere, to internment camps. Knowledge of these impending deportations, not surprisingly, were kept away from the average American.

Some people I have spoken with today express disbelief and surprise over hearing the Aleut story. |Asking in reply, “‘How could they have done that to those people”? Asking how those measures could have been permitted by those in authority; who were obliged to safeguard its citizens. “If I had been alive then I would not have let that happen” I’ve often heard.  It is easy identify a wrongdoing or wrongdoer when viewing an issue in hindsight. That is not a big accomplishment. What counts is having the foresight to see what present steps are leading to regarding one’s larger society; and acting to keep the check and balance in place; and aiming to circumvent abuse of power by those governing while one still has liberty and allies to do so.

What was done to the Aleut by the United States government – ‘is being done to you incrementally’. Except this time it is being introduced under convenient terms like: ‘Emergency Management’; ‘Shield in Place’ and ‘Lockdown.’

There is a sad rivalry about who first invented the concentration camp. Some say that it was the Spanish in Cuba in 1896, others point to the British in South Africa in 1900. However, long before this, one can read of pagan Romans herding captive peoples into military compounds in the first centuries AD and castle-building Norman and Teutonic knights herding peasants into ‘villages’ for enserfment in the eleventh and twelfth centuries. And what, after all, was the fate of Native Americans? It was to be sent to ‘reservations’ – code for concentration camps. Only seventy years ago, the Native Orthodox people of North America also endured the same fate.

Many may know that some 120,000 Japanese Americans were sent to concentration camps in the American War against Japan for control of the Pacific rim between 1941 and 1945, even though some 60% of these were American citizens. However, after the Japanese attack on Unalaska, from 1942 on, the Aleuts of America received the same treatment, as recounted in a recent film, ‘Aleut History’. This concerns the nightmarish deportation of the native peoples of the Aleutian and Pribylov Islands to Alaska.

All those who had even one eighth native blood were deported by order of Washington. The natives were not told where they were being taken, but were packed onto warships by force and sent to four different concentration camps. Conditions were appalling – hunger, the freezing cold, disease and death faced them. One federal agent who expressed his indignation received an official reprimand. At one camp, in the village of Killisnoo, the deportees were forced to drink muddy water and sheltered from Alaskan temperatures in unheated hutments. Their salvation came from native Tlingits who gave them blankets, salt and medicine. The petitions of the women for food and warmth for their children and requests for humanitarian aid were ignored by the authorities. This camp recorded the highest rate of mortality of any of the camps.

On Barnett Inlet the Aleuts were settled in the cabins of a long-abandoned canning factory. There was no heating, electricity, water or beds and hungry wolves roamed around them. Petitions were ignored and when, finally, the deportees were allowed to return to their homes in Unalaska in 1945, they found that their houses had been ransacked by American soldiers. Moreover, the soldiers had also ransacked the Aleuts’ Orthodox churches. A similar situation existed in the camp by Lake Ward. Deportees, both adults and children, in all the camps were infected by TB, pneumonia and skin diseases. Chronically undernourished, many died from hunger and lack of medicine.

The men were forced to work without pay in various sea-related tasks and told that if they refused, they and their families would have to stay in the camps for the rest of their lives. They were not allowed to move away or seek paid work elsewhere. To this day some visit the graves of those who died in this exile. They claim that the sheer cruelty of the US government was conditioned not by the state of war, but by inherently racist attitudes. One is reminded of the old cowboy saying: ‘The only good Indian is a dead one’.