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Remembrance Day – The Golden Value of your Liberties

Every year the Dutch send Canada poppies in gratitude for Canadian soldiers liberating Holland – from an oppressor.

Your parents, grandparents and great grandparents did not go over to Europe and the Pacific during World War II ‘to fight dictatorships just to have a dictatorship built here in Canada.

The recent murders of our soldiers in Ottawa and in Quebec is to bring the battle we’ve been fighting in Afganistan and Iraq to the home front.

These shootings are being used as pretexts for the re-management of North America by the North American Forum through its Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP).

The constant playing of emotional events and television visuals are being used to induce Canadians to agree to the removal of their habeas corpus and Due Process rights in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

Emergency Management (‘Red’) and Green Environmental Language (‘Green’) are being used to implement these changes.

Several years ago, in the wake of 9/11, the term ‘terrorist’ has been introduced over and over again. Identifying ‘terrorist’ began with ‘bad brown people with turbans’ overseas who had come here. White al qaida came next as the boogie. Now the term ‘homegrown terrorist’ is being trown around and repeated over and over in the mainstream news. Are the use of these terms simply present response to unfolding events? This is not an ad hoc response to terrorism. For using the term ‘terrorist’ as a broadbrush has been present in Department of Homeland Security policy staff manuals – for years already – in the United States previous to the Ottawa event.

Nobody is agreeing with the use any use of violence. This is not the answer.  It is about the constitutions in both countries being violated by those who have no respect for for the liberties enshrined on those near unique in human history documents.

As yourself whether the new terrorism laws being put in place are for the sole motive of our governments wanting to protect us?

Case: The story of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau (the shooter we are told) is a story which includes a ‘conversion to Islam’ and mention of a ‘passport.’ Why? The name of the game is to tie dangerous transients;  white Muslims’ ; and a ‘concern’ about ‘loose ends’ being allowed to travel abroad. Keep everyone in their part in the ice cube tray where they can be monitored.

Australia and Canada had been discussing applying border exit controls on their borders long before the Canadian Parliament events and the Sydney cafe shootings. They are using these events to further tighten their borders.

The Soviet Union and China applied exit controls on its citizens. Is this what we want for our societies?

The Canadian government had already prepared a bill to expand the powers and courtroom anonymity and surveillance powers of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), Canada’s spy agency, which was due to be introduced the day of the shootings, and was postponed by the event.

The Canadian parliment Executive Branch has combined three departments into one in the form of the CBSA (Canada’s Dept. of Homeland Security) for  ‘protecting the safety of Canadians’.

Really? Not advertised on the news is that this body was built as an arm to shake down regular Canadians over tax and debt issues when they travel (yes ‘a toll gate’)

Is this what you elected your public servants for elected”?

Acceptable now? Wait until your combined tax rate is 70% like in Belgium; yet without the accompanying social services to help you.

When one generation’s ruler dies and another ruler rises who does not know Joseph. Same land; different spirit. 

This recent Ottawa arrest is about creating an ‘enemy within‘.

If they can arrest the homegrown terrorist today, then can label you one too for not paying your taxes tomorrow. Get it?

‘One does not become dark to fight darkness. Instead, one seeks to become more light and shine like the brightness of the sun to all men.’



CANAMEX Superhighway – the new Bozeman Trail

Your continent is fast changing. Do you know how?

Called NAFTA 2.0 by those who can only see humans as zeros and ones. The Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) is a revisitation of an ‘Indian Reserve system’ that never really left . It is about a new Bozeman Trail . Yes a  superhighway system through a North America is being re-designed; and it is a lockdown system to keep regular citizens out of the way.

Bozeman Trail, late 19th Century

Map of the Bozeman Trail 1862












Present Day North America, Superhighway system underway

Updated Superhighway Plans (‘Smart Toll Roads’)


The Patriot Act is a new Indian Act for you. The DHS and CBSA ‘like cavalry’ will be  enforcing this. Is this what our parents and grandparents in World War II fought and died for? To go overseas to right a dictatorship in order for dictatorship to be build in North America?


Convinced this way made up yesterday:


The Day the Dollar Died (1973)

On Route to Global Occupation (book)

Read here:

The Iron Mountain Report (documentary)

See: You Tube “The Iron Mountain Report”


To clever levers are being used to change this continent:


1. Red: Emergency Management (Martial Law; lockdown; Shield in Place)

2. Green: Environmental ‘Protection’ (Management)

The recent event in Ottawa will be used to silence dissent (suspending habeas corpus) so that SPP steps can be taken to the next step.

Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (emblem).png

Personal Opinion Only? Look below.

Approximately thirty U.S.-based organizations also sent an open letter to Congress on April 21, 2008, criticizing the secrecy and lack of any sort of democratic oversight:

“What differentiates the SPP from other security and trade agreements is that it is not subject to Congressional oversight or approval. The SPP establishes a corporate/government bureaucracy [a Technocracy] for implementation that excludes civil society participation. … Facing a worrisome pact pushed forward in secrecy, it is time for Congress to halt this undemocratic approach and establish a process based on openness, accountability, and the participation of civil society.


The New Democratic Party also criticized SPP for being undemocratic, not open to Parliament, and opaque.[18] New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton described the process as not simply unconstitutional, but “non-constitutional”, held completely outside the usual mechanisms of oversight.


The United States, Canada, and Mexico had a major trilateral summit meeting regarding SPP at the Château Montebello in Montebello, Quebec. This conference was described as a public relations event with the purpose of promoting the SPP among investors and to reassure the public about the consequences of the plan.[8] A protest during the event led to controversy, when labour leaders identified three masked, rock-wielding individuals as disguised police officers and accused them of disguising themselves as demonstrators in order to incite violence. Footage of the clash was shown on YouTube and attracted significant media attention; the Quebec Provincial Police subsequently admitted that the individuals in question had been police officers in disguise, but denied any attempts to incite violence.