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Justin – Restore us to the Canada of your Father

The infamous C-51 “Anti-Terrorism” bill was introduced by and put into law by the former Harper Conservative Federal Government in Canada. During the Federal parliamentary hearings on C-51, the Parliamentary Watchdog was not even permitted to review all the material before Peter McKay and Stephen Blaney rushed the hearing through to a quick end.

Here is Blaney distracting (bringing up the Holocaust???) from MP Randall Garrison’s questions on C-51 to justify pushing C-51 through with no proper answers given on this bill:


In this other earlier clip (May 5, 2015) NDP MP Nathan Cullin tells us why Bill C-51 is a serious problem with concern to a massive curtailing on democracy – for all Canadians:


Furthermore, Edward Snowdon speaks on C-51 and its lack of OVERSIGHT and real implications for Canadians:

In the Fall of 2015, Justin Trudeau’s Liberal’s won the Federal election with a majority government. They thus have the weight to change any inappropriate legislation introduced by the former Harper Government.

In this clip one month later (June 4, 2015) Justin Trudeau says he respects “democracy in action” :



Prime Minister Trudeau, now that you are in power please protect democracy with the earlier enthusiasm we all saw you communicate to all of us while campaigning among average Canadians.


Please remove C-51 . ‘It is not in any way birthed from the Canadian spirit.’


Your father introduced the Canadian Charter of Rights in 1982, which includes these fundamental freedoms:


conscience, religion, thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication

peaceful assembly,

freedom of association

the freedom to enter and leave Canada


So if you would do anything with your time in office Mr. Trudeau  – restore the Canada of your father’s time!

Be remembered for at least that!