Of Name and Number: The Inuit Disc System

Editor’s Short:



Though some would say it was done for benign motives, or to serve routine administrative necessity the Inuit Disc System is a little known or understood social engineering program in Canada. The Canadian government desired to know how many Inuit were in the north at the time and a way in which to keep track of the Inuit was sought. It was decided to utilise a  disc system to number the Inuit.

Though these people were not criminals, fingerprinting was called for the Inuit. The RCMP were told to ink the fingers of the Eskimos. The RCMP served  in several  administrative roles in the North, well beyond just normal policing.

The Inuit disc system was a propiska (passport) system.

This Inuit disc system  is one example of what is known as a continuous variable in history. It has been used by governments in several societies, over the centuries to track people to use them as subjects.

The Inuit were also required to take surnames; this was something they had never used among themselves previously.

We are reminded of King David’s decision to number Israel. He was punished by God severely for doing so. Why? Because God knew if left alone to pursue such grouping of other people a government can easily use the count to use and abuse those other people. This is a form of a ruler, or government to be god over other people, whom the True God created, and use them as property to tax.

This model is being implemented incrementally in the cities in southern Canada today, through our cell phone numbers, university one-cards, library cards and other common ID to monitor the movement of Canadians. Algorithms and data shadows are being used to profile and group people to weigh their utility in the Technocracy (the forming society). It is a people classification Brave New World; it is the construction of a digital caste system.


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