Paris Attacks for a G20 Jump Forward!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/gallery_1200/paris-attacks-aftermath.jpg

‘Nos pensées vont à nos cousins français dans leur douleur’

(‘Our hearts go out to our French cousins in their pain’)


We stand beholding the horror of these grievous and disturbing  attack at several locations in Paris (Nov 14, 2015)

Yes this is drawing the attention of the world.


Over to other yet related:  Our world leaders are all over television at the G20 Summit. Their seats are warmed; and their speeches all ready to read.


G20 2015 Turkey:


Who and what that is we see hinted at with the G20 summits these public servants both host and attend.

These world leaders are well synchronized. There is a annual script rehearsal. This is to made sure everyone knows their roles properly in advance.

Sadly, we have willing prime ministers and presidents, brought on to carry out these respective changes, and in each of their countries. We vote for them at home expecting them to serve and listen to us;  yet their direction is the opposite. Instead, these public servants serve others.

The next G20 is on Antalya, Turkey right now (15-16 November, 2015) .


So why all these G20 meetings anyways? What are they about? Why the secrecy?



From Paris to the Wide View:



For many years already a ‘Red – Green Show‘ has been underway. The intent of this show is to scare people in the Western World into willingly accepting the surrender of their civil liberties.


How does this work?



Piecemeal Functionalism:


This red – green show proceeds through what political scientists have long termed ‘Piecemeal Functionalism’ (meaning a ‘stage by stage takeover’)

‘Surrender your liberty, to be more secure.’

‘Wait. Does that make sense’?


This strategy involved the implementing of an Emergency Management (Red) regime while at the same time using  Environmental /Climate Change (Green) concern to bring people into a desired mindset.


Technique: The regime rolls the same question over and over – until it gets the right answer from you the people.


Note: The regime does not ‘ask’ it – ‘tells.’


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