ISIS, ISIL, Origins, Acronyms…

Yes, I’ve seen it talked about on tv here, there and everywhere (‘Re: Somali Pirates’). So where did this entity come from anyways?

ISIS, ISIL, etc… rose, armed itself, took over large parts of Iraq, swept significant parts of the Levant,  and all so quickly,  all by itself – ‘right’?

Just one question … do we use acronyms in Arabic?

Do we have acronyms in Arabic …? Answer ? The opposite of yes.

Yet we do have acronyms in Western languages.  Hmm…

So let’s help ourselves and pay more attention to language use; language rules; language mentality …  for they are indicators of word and structure  and thus source origin.

‘Oh well, it looks good on a map’

‘… and it looks good for television’

Yet … let’s try to investigate deeper.

I would like to hear more about this above reality. Yet our mainstream news media won’t cover it. They don’t even try to cover some of it.  Hmmm…

The Euro – Mediterranean Union. They will ask you in – or they will make you come in. ‘Yet you are going to join.’

Will you wait until it comes to you to try to figure it out?

Wait until it is at your doorstep …?


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