The October Crisis for a New Generation

A beautiful day visits a Montreal street. Or possibly your street… Yet this is the weather. On the street -soldiers. Your freedom of movement has been curtailed. The soldiers might speak your language; or they might not. For how long? ‘One does not yet know.’

This was the October (FLQ) Crisis of 1970.

Photo: Montreal neighbourhood under watch October 1970


The October Crisis of 1970 (documentary)


Operation Maple Response (‘Jade Helm North’)

Prelude to War Measures (a police state) in Canada?

Possible Objective: the imposition of Department of Homeland Security policy upon Canada.

What are the main differences between the use of the War Measures Act (1970) and Bill C-51 (2015)?

Whereas the War Measures Act imposed in wake of the October Crisis were temporary, changes following Maple Response are most likely to see the suspension of Civil Liberties of Canadians – in a far longer lasted way.

We are more likely to see the use this time around of a ‘Continual Emergency State.’

In other words, a Continual Emergency State using ‘Emergency Management‘ and ‘Green Laws‘ for the long term removal of rights we know in the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, found in the Constitution Act of 1982.

Warning: Once these laws are on the books, it will become very difficult to undo this . These new conditions will become the NEW Normal.

One got a taste of this with the way police treated Canadian civilians in Toronto during the 2010 G7/G20 Summit; where most of the center of Toronto was placed on lock-down.

These laws are not about safety and security for the Canadian public alone. These measures, some Canadian lawyers and MPs have postured -are really about tax shakedowns.

Not of habitual criminals – but on and with members of the Canadian Middle Class.


Willing to do your research on these questions?


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