Careful what you Say: Forbidden Film



‘Think that if the one is charged or arrested … then that man or woman must be guilty of something’?

‘Think again…’


‘It was a gray world. We could laugh. Yet we could not speak too loudly.’


The film Das Leben der Anderen (‘The Lives of Others’) was first released in 2006.


Many former East Germans were stunned by the factual accuracy of the film’s set and atmosphere, accurately portraying a state merged with West Germany and ceased to exist 16 years prior to the release. The film’s authenticity was considered notable, given that the director grew up outside of East Germany and was only sixteen when the Berlin Wall fell.

A short clip of this film:


In our present time the line between corporation and government has nearly vanished. They want to hear what you are saying. Yes, they want to know everything.

‘So make sure you speak up so your new kitchen appliances can hear you.’


One word: ‘What has been – shall be again


To a stained people of this world,  after you view this film, you will see a way to find a Restore Point button for your life.’


‘This Restore Point was Crucified for you.’

“You will seek Me and you will find Me when you have sought me with all your heart”

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