Piecemeal Functionalism


Piecemeal Functionalism

Instead on quick, visible  and blatant regime change ‘Piecemeal Functionalism’ is a piece by piece clandestine implementation of a regime upon a country or society.


This is about the construction of a corporate superstate. This stealth superstate writes their own laws, and passes them through congress and parliament. Then simply build on top of whatever and whoever is there.


We are speaking about the superimposition of a technocratic corporate entity piecemeal upon the landscape of Turtle Island .


These changes include:

Staged Takeover

Management by Crisis

Eminent Domain


Suspending Civil Liberties through a ‘Red-Green Show’ :


Red – Use of Emergency Management

Green – Use of Environmental Language


Use of an electronic ‘cloud’ propiska /indian reserve lockdown system

Cellphones, Surveillance Cameras, GPS and Card Keys to track and monitor populations

Watching for any behavior dissident from the macroeconomic aims of a corporate superstate




This is a entity is really a modern amalgam of ancient Babylon, Egypt, Greece, Rome and Assyria – all rolled into one.








In this remapping of the continent people are removed or replaced much in the way that a spellchecker is programmed to remove ‘a spelling error’ on a word document.


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