Cloud for Controlling the Narrative


Everyone has heard of  ‘Cloud.’

Being promoted as THE way for storage.


Yet, what are the implications of using Cloud for us in the Near Future?


There has been a great amount of promotion of Cloud yet not a great of amount of understanding as to what storing ones information on Cloud will mean in the future.


The responsible and wise research investigates.

Q:  ‘Who manages Cloud’?

Cloud is about achieving ‘Information Monopolization’


It is also about ‘gatekeeping’


Very soon websites are going to be tied to serves of large corporations and universities; which have morphed into profit making ventures and left behind the goal of educating in the traditional sense.



‘GateKeeping’ ( where a publisher decides which stories get aired; and which do not)

‘Agenda Setting’ (this is where news is released with a particular goal of influencing viewers listeners in a certain direction ; not simple for the sake of informing an audience in a more neutral way or manner)



Many libraries in the West are being closed; or hardcopies are being replaces by Electronic copies of books; or reading rooms are being monitoring by cameras. The reasons? Costs savings and for your personal security we are told. This is for you to decide.


What is he Importance of Maintaining Hardcopies?

When everything is made into an Electronic version one can enter the server later on and manipulate the original text.

Yet if one retains hard-copy versions of books and these are spread out in various locations one cannot change the text without being challenged by those other hard-copies existent.



Algorithmic Examination of Movements and Interests


Closing the Doors to opposing viewpoints


From Asking to Telling


Downloading into you without asking


Controlling the Narrative


Closing down the social settings of the libraries and instead having you go online directly with Cloud.


Soon one will need a password to go online.


We see this coming with Google searches already

where one needs to enter a code in order to use their search engine.



Store your data offline; using cds; flashdrives; and other exterior hard-drives.

Remain in control of your own life.





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