Star Chamber for Canadian Complacency


  • The inquisition, the Star Chamber, have no place in a free society.

    (State of the Union Address. President Harry S. Truman,1953)



Finding its support from the king’s prerogative (sovereign power and privileges) and not bound by the common law, Star Chamber’s procedures gave it considerable advantages over the ordinary courts. It was less bound by rigid form; it did not depend upon juries either for indictment or for verdict; it could act upon the petition of an individual complainant or upon information received; it could put an accused person on oath to answer the petitioner’s bill and reply to detailed questions. On the other hand, its methods lacked the safeguards that common-law procedures provided for the liberty of the subject.


Credit: ©2015 Encyclopædia Britannica, Inc.


A cover depicting the Roderick Taylor produced 1983 movie ‘The Star Chamber’ depicting the notorious 17th Century English court, starring actor  Michael Douglas.



An illustration of the accused before the Star Chamber.



An illustration of the inside of the Star Chamber after it had been closed. ‘Not a bad idea.’


The Star Chamber Historically:


The Star Chamber’s Arbitrary use of power and the cruel punishments it inflicted produced a wave of reaction against it from Puritans, advocates of common-law courts, and others opposed to the reign of Charles I. In 1641 the Long Parliament abolished the court and made reparations to some of its victims.



adj. not supported by fair or substantial cause or reason. Most often it is used in reference to a judge’s ruling.


A court which formerly had great jurisdiction and power, but which was abolished by stat. 16, C. I., c. 10, on account of its usurpations and great unpopularity. It consisted of several of the lords spiritual and temporal, being privy counsellors, together with two judges of the courts of common law, without the intervention of a jury. Their legal jurisdiction extended over riots, perjuries, misbehaviour of public officers, and other great misdemeanors. The judges afterwards assumed powers, and stretched those they possessed to the utmost bounds of legality. 4 Bl. Com. 264.



Source: A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
 Unlike in England the Star Chamber will not be limited to the geometry of one room for judicial purposes but have the width of cyberspace to utilize in pursuing and sentencing those deemed ‘dissident’. This is the real ‘darkspace.’
Important implications:
Understand that C-51 inception was not Canada.  It is part of Homeland Security Protocol.  Homeland Security is the internal enforcement arm of the North American Forum for this continent. It is Rand Corporation policy in action. It is about protecting the infrastructure of an emerging ‘North American Union.’
The forming of a North American Union is not the will of the majority of Canadians.  Instead it is a clandestine and draconian remapping of this continent.  It is more Brave New World than it is English Common Law procedure.
The Role of the Canadian Senate:
Though not popular with many Canadians these days the Canadian Senate has a necessary role. The Senate is there as part of a check and balance system . The readings of bills in the senate afford time and sober judgement concerning any bills that are being introduced by parliament. Without a senate present to do those readings any parliament which is formed in the future can simply  shove through its own lobbied legislation. There would be no cross-examination for potential harmful bills or proper consideration given as to the unintended consequences of those same bills and their effect on the larger Canadian society afterwards.
The Future: If we should sleep in complacency and allow this C-51 Homeland Law ‘to sink in and become the norm’ we shall not see a benign human power rescue us from it in this lifetime; as was the case with the United States on behalf of an occupied Europe in freeing them from the fascism of Nazi Germany; and it’s Enabling Act in the 1930s to suppress its political opposition.
In a recent National Post article, canadaedge009, wrote:
“A Constitution and a Charter of Rights and Freedoms is the foundational document by which the citizens have their personal liberty and rights guaranteed and by which they can challenge a bad government. It isn’t something to be manipulated by a political party of any stripe, and it isn’t up for discussion unless a substantial majority of the people (70% or more) agree to change it. By passing laws in parliament that directly overturn the Constitution and the Charter, the government is actually engaging in their own form of ‘terrorism’. They are saying screw your rights, screw your concerns, we are doing this, and by the way, we can’t tell you why because it is ‘secret’. Even CSIS officials have testified that the current changes go beyond what is required for them to do their jobs. By the time this ‘law’ is brought before the Supreme Court for a ruling, the damage will be done and the law breakers will be long gone or conveniently ‘hidden’.”
The attitude “It isn’t adversely affecting me so what’s the big deal.” We must find the courage and initiative advance beyond this kind of willful ignorance and subjectivity to take up the responsible middle position not just for ourselves but for the larger Canadian society.
Remember this now:
‘If the authorities can arrest someone for speaking or writing their viewpoint or perspective today, those same authorities can arrest you for your viewpoint or perspective tomorrow.’
We must not morph into evil to strike down a potential danger. Don’t let the petals of this rose darken
Ultimately, the government is not to blame in all this. This is why simply changing one party for another makes no real different. We dug this hole ourselves through walking in the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. ‘This is a dark forest. In this dark forest one develops a fear of others;and of what others might do.
‘Yet there is another Tree.  We can and need to start right now by turning around and returning to the Tree of Life. Yes. ‘To the One who was Crucified.’ This is where fear departs from us and where His undying love begins to make us into a new person.’
For a reminder of those who knew liberty in themselves:

Charlie Chaplin

You Tube ‘Great Dictator Speech by Charlie Chaplin (Subtitles – Best Version)


John F Kennedy


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