Turtle Island in the Big Picture

There is a remapping program quietly underway upon Turtle Island.


For we are witnessing the superimposing of a new infastructure upon these lands we were born to.


And as in the past before – it is not asking for your consent…


A geographic visual of Turtle Island and its Indigenous people groups by language grouping Pre-Contact

(Credit: Nocholas Schillar)


Turtle Island being absorbed by European imperial advances (c.1750)


Map of European imperial impositions upon Turtle Island (1754 and After 1763)


Superhighway plans for the North American Union (known by some as NAFTA 2.0)


Map of  CANAMEX corridor through Turtle Island



Alternate View: Key corridors now being cut through on Turtle Island



New Treaty: Turtle Island (aka North America) and its part inside and linking with the larger Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP).



Turtle Magnified View: Map of Turtle Island inside the larger Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP)


Map of European Commission view of the next phases of the European Union (EU) in the form of the Euro-Mediterranean Union (‘being marketed as the European Neighbourhood’)

Notice the countries labelled (light purple) and (orange) are being absorbed – ‘with concent of course’

Notice that the regimes marked in (darker green) are being brought down (i.e. Libya, Syria, Ukraine, etc…)


The map above also reveals an morphing (shape-shifting) from ‘European Union’ into ‘Euro-Mediterranean Union’


*This entity is in short – ‘a revived Roman Empire’ (with the spirits of the Old Roman Empire; Assyria; Babylon; Greece and Egypt as well)






Canada and the United States (Turtle Island) being drawn more strongly so

into the gravity of the European Entity



When one sees is transpiring in the Euro -Med sphere one can better appreciate and imagine what those living on Turtle Island can expect…




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