The Courageous Step Forward

Ellen Gabriel (Katsitsakwas) was there. Ellen stepped forward for her people.

Ellen was chosen as the main spokesperson for Kanehsatà:ke, Kanien’kehá:ka (Mohawk) Territory during what the mainstream media termed the “Oka Crisis” (1990).The Suretepolice were pulled back and Canadian Armed Forces with their APCs and helicopters were rolled in to create a seige wall around Kanehsatà:ke.


‘Ellen Gabriel we honor your courage.’ Ellen demonstrated the kind of courage we need to see lived out on this land.

This is the kind of courage we need to find in ourselves right now.

Ellen helpfully informs us that “In 1990, I and many citizens of the Kanien’kehá:ka nation were labelled criminals and terrorists by the policing authorities and the governments of Quebec and Canada for simply defending our lives and our lands. I am one of countless generations of Indigenous peoples whose human rights have been threatened and violated by the colonial state due to Canada’s assumed sovereignty over our peoples, lands, and resources.”

Don’t like us taking your land or water? “You are a terrorist

Any public discussion? Nope. Just “You are a terrorist.”

Ellen further shares: “During the summer of 1990 the Canadian Police Association took out an advertisement in many Canadian media outlets entitled, “We Oppose Terrorism” criminalizing all the Mohawk people of Kanehsatà:ke and Kahnawà:ke. The CPA’s ad spread the governments’ of Quebec and Canada’s propaganda of misinformation fanning the flames of racism by calling Mohawks terrorists and criminals without any investigation, trial or placing into context the history of Canada’s collusion with churches to defraud and dispossess Mohawks of our lands and resources.”

Source: Ellen Gabriel, Sovereign Voices



Question: How can the Canadian Police Association pass judgement against the Mohawk people; and label them “terrorists”?. Is this the role of any police body?. In Canada we have a Court System for this purpose. There is a check and balance system so that one single body cannot be judge, jury and executioner. This is what a liberal democracy is about.

Consider: Canadians did not stand up against these violations against the Kanien’kehá:ka in 1990. Maybe we were too young of a nation to properly understand. Maybe we were at play?;  or still finding ourselves like a freshman in university?

Today we have a sales team. That’s right ‘a sales team.’ A team which has used fear of ‘an enemy within’ to pass through bill C-51 . This bill affects all Canadians; whether you are aboriginal or  non-aboriginal.

If you question land rights, water rights and the expansion of this Technocracy upon Turtle Island you must be a ‘terrorist’. This is a label. This is not is proper cross-examination by a constitional parliamentary democracy. If you are going to print this in our almanacs – then show it and prove it in behaviour.

Commodities: in the Technocracy people are products. In order to be a good citizen in the new economy, I mean society, one must be a good customer. If one is not a good customer (be in shopping mode) they are not a good citizen.


The Charter

Either we honor and live up to the words written in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms or we are agreeing to another broken treaty.

When we honor this Charter help to correct the injustice of past broken treaties.

For our lawyers out there please use your knowledge and understanding of the system to stand up for noble virtue in this country. If it were to go dark where then would you go?

For our hard working men and women serving in the police forces and in the Canadian Forces please do not use force to do injustice to your neighbour. Will you follow an immoral order? As to who is my neighbour? We know this all too well. You and I are each other’s neighbours.

The choice is ours. When do we step forward?





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