The Relationship between Oppression & Self-Worship

Even though we have more university graduates than ever before in human history, the human propensity to oppress other humans has not waned.



Giving people more education is not the lone solution. The better question is what substance abides in each person. This was the question of the past; and this is the question remaining with us today.

In short, oppression comes to one or a people when one or a group comes to take away from that one or those others. Only the details of name or colour on this issue change as one travels through the human experience.

Oppression is related to and is brought on by self-worship (a form of idolatry).

This oppression because of self-worship arose in the ancient world as rulers demanded their subjects worship them.

Illustration: King Nebuchadnezzar ordering the Hebrew young men to bow down and worship the golden statue image he had constructed (6th Century B.C.E, Babylonian Empire).

This forced worship, even through apparently utilizing the archaic form of statues, has not departed with our entry into the modern world.

Photo: Golden Statue of Turkmenbashi in Front of the Monument of Independence, Turkmenistan (Modern Day).


Dictatorships desire to know every movement, every thought, of the people living, residing under their hand.

This kind of people control regime has been used by numerous societies in human history.

It is a fact that humans who come into power too often attempt to control other humans. The people above want to be worshiped. This is a form of idolatry. Idolatry unchecked most often leads to bloodshed.

The way people have often been controlled by others through human history has often been something very dark. Often these rulers, governments or regimes would mark, tag their populations with some kind or variety of symbol, piece of paper, or number.

Some curious examples of this are included below:

Example: Imperial Russian постоя́нная пропи́ска Propiska (Pass) Jewish residents in the Pale of Settlement were required to carry on their person. If one moved to a new city they had to register with the local police.

One survivor, who had passed through the Shoah (‘The Holocaust’) during World War II in Europe, showing us the tattoo which was placed on his left arm. The placing of this tattoo on the arm was not a voluntary thing. The people were forced to received this mark upon their bodies against their own will.


Some people are familiar with apartheid in the Republic of South Africa. Under aparteid there was a Bantushtan system to keep Black people from moving around to different parts within that country.

See map below:


Proposal for USID. An identity card discussed for use in the United States.






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