School Shootings & the Psychotropic Drugs Denominator

The Mainstream Media has been long quiet over the common denominator in the school shootings. The denominator is not bullets but – ‘psychotropic drugs.’

We need to  begin a discussion on this silence in public right now.

I see how easily a school shooting drives the emotions of people. We need to do our research first. The same news many people watch to get their information is funded by the same corporations which sell these drugs. ‘We need to dig deeper.’

I can remember when Prozac first came on the market. Then several years later there was already a sizable percentage of the population on these prescriptions. I asked myself “Who is promoting this”? The “why” was already clear to me.

It is clear that one element alone is almost never a sole reason for an issue it is clear that the young men involved in these school shootings have a cocktail effect which spilled out from them.




The public education system in our country needs to be overhauled with special attention given to: psychotropic drugs being pushed on children to control them/federal & state funding that relies on test scores that ultimately hurts children/the downgrading of playground time in elementary school and physical activity time in middle and high schools — and especially how all these changes have affected boys in a negative way. Boys and girls have different ways of learning, especially when it comes to physical activity and the body/brain connection. Educators seem to be ignoring this and “adjusting” public school’s culture and curriculum to fit the girl model of learning, and the boys that don’t fit that model are labeled and eventually medicated. Many parents try to push back, but the education “system” has refined their argument so well over the years that the outcome is stacked against them.

IMHO, the argument that “millions benefit from medications” should never be applied to a developing brain. I’d like to see short and long range statistics that reveal how many public & private education administrators, psychiatrists and psychologists school-age children are on psychotropics. I bet that would be a real eye-opener.

Many people are calling for gun control. The louder voices for this coming from lobbying interests. If we are going to control anything maybe we should consider the control or removal of these psychotropic meds.


Gun Control the Answer?


Gun restriction only disarms the lawful and leaves them unable to protect their own homes. Yet it does not disarm those already holding criminally intent.



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