Bill C-51 Passed: Canada has Darkened Today

Starting out as an illegal document there was no proper, rational discussion on Bill C-51.

This bill is a clear violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights. The bill was designed to silence dissent.

In our rapid advance towards a North American Union, we have now witnessed the equivalent of the Emergency Act and Enabling Act of 1930s Nazi Germany become law in Canada.

This bill is also a violation of section 35:

The Government of Canada recognizes the inherent right of self-government as an existing Aboriginal right under section 35 of the Constitution Act, 1982. It recognizes, as well, that the inherent right may find expression in treaties, and in the context of the Crown’s relationship with treaty First Nations. Recognition of the inherent right is based on the view that the Aboriginal peoples of Canada have the right to govern themselves in relation to matters that are internal to their communities, integral to their unique cultures, identities, traditions, languages and institutions, and with respect to their special relationship to their land and their resources

Note: You are more likely to be killed by a moose than a terrorist.

Abuse of power concerns are not limited to CSIS alone. The Canadian Border Security Agenda (CBSA) has been given unjustified powers; also with no proper oversight.

Why have we allowed this government to build East Germany on the soil of this land?

Some people say they could be prosecuted for “hate speech.” That was already put into place a decade ago by Chretien’s Liberal Government. At the time Chretien said in the House of Common’s that the bill would not be used against people’s religious liberties. They could not guarantee such a promise at that time. Since then many people have been charged as a result of that law.

It shall be the same with Bill C-51 passing.

The brand name (party name) is not important. It is the behaviour and track record of the party you must examine.

Caveat: Whichever the brand name is (Tory, Liberal, whatever) if they can take away the civil liberties of another person or group they can take it from you!


Constitutional Lawyer Rocco Gelati, has stated:

“C-51 creates “a modern-day Gestapo,”
“No exaggeration, that’s what it creates. It chills, censors, and criminalizes free speech, free association, and constitutional rights of assembly.”
“German and Italian versions” of C-51 were passed in the 1930s.
Gelati “urged Canadians not to vote for any MP or political party supporting the controversial Tory bill.”



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