Cantonist Schools – The Kidnapping Prototype



Before it happened in the United States and Canada the Imperial Russian State was already well along in applying a model for assimilation on Jewish children and other ‘Cantonists.’

Russia was divided into northern, southern, eastern, and western “conscription zones” and the levy was announced annually for only one of them. The Pale of Jewish settlement was outside conscription in the fallow years, so the conscription in general and of cantonists in particular occurred once every four years, except during the Crimean War, when conscription was annual. The first 1827 draft involved some 1,800 Jewish conscripts; by the qahal’s decision half of them were children.

Historian Simon Dubnov wrote,

The barrack was to serve as a school, or rather as a factory, for producing a new generation of de-Judaized Jews, who were completely Russified, and if possible Christianized.”

‘The name of Yeshua (Jesus) was mis-used by those who knew Him not. For many employed in these schools, a job in one of these schools was exactly that – ‘a job.’

The main goal behind the compulsory military service was the integration of Jews and other non-Russian minorities into Russian society (effectively to the detriment of their religious and national identities).

Ukrainian and Polish cantonists were also pressured to assimilate, as part of general policy of Russification. Understand, that          ‘being white’ did not help these Ukrainian and Polish young people. This assimilation policy was not about Christ or Christianity in its True Meaning; instead like with the residential schools on Turtle Island, this was policy of a State, State Church, Corporation ‘that were in effect one’ and demanded conformity from the non-conformed.

To make others into ones own image(nationalism; national idol; golden statue) almost always brings pain and grief to those others. (‘see Daniel and the Fiery Furnace’)


Map: The Pale of Settlement (Russian: Черта́ осе́длости, chertá osédlosti) where most of the Jewish people in the Russsian Empire found themselves confined.  Jewish permanent residency beyond this region was generally   prohibited.

The Russian conscription law also spawned the development of a new profession, that of the informer who reported to the authorities on efforts by the Jews to evade the draft. There are numerous reported cases of such informers being caught and punished by the Jewish communities, one particularly serious incident of this nature having occurred in Nova Ushitsa in the 1830’s.

CSIS has been hiring aboriginals in Canada to spy on their own people. The FBI does the same in the United States. The law enforcement of these two countries no longer regard the 49th parallel. We do not need informers in Canada. One part of the population spying on the others half of the population can have no good end. This underhanded activity is clearly the wrong spirit for all of us.

As we have learned, that which is – has already been – and shall be again – because we fail to read the signs (the repeated historical variables).


See ‘Davin Report



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