The Birdcage of Our Passive Consent

We are at the very edge (11:59pm) of the world we have known. Our very liberties are at stake in Canada.

The World War Two generation did not go overseas to fight dictatorships, and see their buddies shot to pieces, just to have a dictatorship built on this continent.

Canadian troops landing to free a continent (D-Day, June 6, 1944)

American troops shot down on D-day (Normandy, June, 1944)

American boys having defeated Nazi troops and capturing their positions (Normandy, June, 1944)


Many immigrants came to Canada fleeing oppression in their old countries. Are we going to card them and pat them down here? They are not indentured servants.

Italian Immigrants, Ellis Island, Early 20th Century

This is the Technocracy we allowed to be built while we were busy watching the Stanley Cup Playoffs and the Shopping Channel – as the many years past by.

We revisit Toronto during the G20 Summit (2012) which the mainsteam media had the resources to cover – yet chose not to.

Afraid to view this particular video below?:

Since 2012 Canadians have lost even more liberties elsewhere all in the name of dealing with “terrorists”

How many more Tim Hortons or Starbucks are going to drink before visiting your MP constituency office and tell them “I voted for you last election. If you pass Bill C-51 I do not know if I can trust to vote for you next election.”

Take Note:

Even if you retire, or receive a golden parachute job at American Barrick Gold Corporation, I shall remember and write about how you sold out Canada by not researching this issue more as you could have. Yet no particular brand name is the culprit . Instead it is – ‘our collective anomie.’








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