Mohawk Grandmother’s Early Warning to Canada


Unlike the movie dream world so many Canadians have chosen to exist in, this film ‘Acts of Defiance’ (1992) SEEN BELOW  is about a noble people who were roused to awaken.  This real as your own neighborhood film is a story about governments and their misuse of resources and power.

Acts of Defiance is a video documentary concerning the events related to Oka Crisis during the Summer of 1992. Oka was not a rebellion. Instead, this was a human response – ‘to being poked in the eye.’


Warning: The film gives a vivid ‘early warning’ (53:20) to a then carefree Canada on what the use of arbitrary law, including the use of the military on its own Canadian citizens can mean.


Credits: ‘Acts of Defiance (Film 1992) Alex G Macleod (Producer) and John Zannis (Writer).

‘Thank you Alex and John for your courage in getting the truth out to other Canadians a generation ago’


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