The People in the Middle of Nowhere


The Métis People of Canada have also been known as the ‘invisible people’ and the ‘road allowance people.’

The buffalo were gone. Their food supply was cut. The First Nations were imprisoned on reserves and placed on rations. While new immigrant arrivals stood in line at Dominion land offices to apply for homesteads – ‘and the Métis were thrown to the wind.’

This is because for decades they stood in a no man’s land between First Nations people who were supposed to be provided for by the Federal Government of Canada and mainsteam Canadian society which had no place for them. Even though the Métis were born on this soil. The Métis did not emigrate here agreeing to join the body politic of the dominion of Canada. They predate the drawing up of the corporation termed Canada.

If our decision makers in Canada can move the Métis off their land they can move you out of your house very easily too.




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