En Route to Gleichschaltung on Turtle Island

Dubbed by some observers ‘NAFTA 2.0‘ this remapping of Turtle Island (formerly known as ‘North America’) will drastically change the way you live; if you are not feeling this all ready.
At present, this superstructure is being raised section by section upon the soil and water of Turtle Island.

Definition of ‘Gleichschaltung’ in English:


The standardization of political, economic, and social institutions as carried out in authoritarian states.

German, from gleich ‘same’ + schalten ‘force or bring into line’.
(Source: Oxford Dictionary)
Gleichschaltung in Germany:
When I was living in Germany doing some carpentry work with a local German middle aged man, and a German-Canadian they taught me a phrase:
“That which doesn’t fit – will be fitted”
 Remapping a continent
 Gleichschaltung underway on Turtle Island (North America)
This ‘upgrade’ of realities on this continent is based upon the same blueprint as used for the European Union (EU). Different place, different flavor, same ice cream.
The European Union, for the serious researcher, is not a federation of liberal democracies as you may have been told in your Social Studies or Economics class. That entity is a holding company for the superbanks.
The European Union ‘ only pretends at democracy.’
The process used to bring many formerly sovereign European countries into one was a ‘gleichschaltung’ process.
This process is the same strategy as used by the Nazi’s in World War II with countries they conquered.
The toll highways are being build on top of existing highways. Except this time you will need a special pass (tap card) to move around .
These highways, with their ‘ports’, are owned by foreign shareholders with no local interest. Those using these superhighways will be monitored.’
All for traffic safety and good commerce of course.’
The Lakota had one of these ‘trails’ build through their territory. It was called the ‘Bozeman Trail.’
The Gleichshaltung process will allow you to stay at home and will give you ‘treaty rights.’ Sound good?
These laws have already passed in the United States, Canada and Mexico to implement the next stages.
Yet there has been a news blackout on these developments for years:
Yet this time around ‘corporate free-trade language’ is being used to get you to surrender you rights and your sovereignty. With the assistance of  our combined willful ignorance.
Q: What does it feel like to be under this regime?
A: ‘Greece
When you see the Bond Rating agencies (Moody’s ; S&P, etc…) come round and downgrade your country’s bond rating, then you know what they’re going to do to you next.
Solomon once told us “There is nothing new under the son”

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