CANAMEX Superhighway – the new Bozeman Trail

Your continent is fast changing. Do you know how?

Called NAFTA 2.0 by those who can only see humans as zeros and ones. The Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) is a revisitation of an ‘Indian Reserve system’ that never really left . It is about a new Bozeman Trail . Yes a  superhighway system through a North America is being re-designed; and it is a lockdown system to keep regular citizens out of the way.

Bozeman Trail, late 19th Century

Map of the Bozeman Trail 1862












Present Day North America, Superhighway system underway

Updated Superhighway Plans (‘Smart Toll Roads’)


The Patriot Act is a new Indian Act for you. The DHS and CBSA ‘like cavalry’ will be  enforcing this. Is this what our parents and grandparents in World War II fought and died for? To go overseas to right a dictatorship in order for dictatorship to be build in North America?


Convinced this way made up yesterday:


The Day the Dollar Died (1973)

On Route to Global Occupation (book)

Read here:

The Iron Mountain Report (documentary)

See: You Tube “The Iron Mountain Report”


To clever levers are being used to change this continent:


1. Red: Emergency Management (Martial Law; lockdown; Shield in Place)

2. Green: Environmental ‘Protection’ (Management)

The recent event in Ottawa will be used to silence dissent (suspending habeas corpus) so that SPP steps can be taken to the next step.

Security and Prosperity Partnership of North America (emblem).png

Personal Opinion Only? Look below.

Approximately thirty U.S.-based organizations also sent an open letter to Congress on April 21, 2008, criticizing the secrecy and lack of any sort of democratic oversight:

“What differentiates the SPP from other security and trade agreements is that it is not subject to Congressional oversight or approval. The SPP establishes a corporate/government bureaucracy [a Technocracy] for implementation that excludes civil society participation. … Facing a worrisome pact pushed forward in secrecy, it is time for Congress to halt this undemocratic approach and establish a process based on openness, accountability, and the participation of civil society.


The New Democratic Party also criticized SPP for being undemocratic, not open to Parliament, and opaque.[18] New Democratic Party leader Jack Layton described the process as not simply unconstitutional, but “non-constitutional”, held completely outside the usual mechanisms of oversight.


The United States, Canada, and Mexico had a major trilateral summit meeting regarding SPP at the Château Montebello in Montebello, Quebec. This conference was described as a public relations event with the purpose of promoting the SPP among investors and to reassure the public about the consequences of the plan.[8] A protest during the event led to controversy, when labour leaders identified three masked, rock-wielding individuals as disguised police officers and accused them of disguising themselves as demonstrators in order to incite violence. Footage of the clash was shown on YouTube and attracted significant media attention; the Quebec Provincial Police subsequently admitted that the individuals in question had been police officers in disguise, but denied any attempts to incite violence.

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