The Reichstag Fire & the Canadian Parliament Oct 22 2014

Editor’s Short:

On Feb 27, 1933 the nacent Nazis in Germany knew they would need to defeat their rivals were they to attain power in Germany. The Nazis burned their own parliament (Reichstag) and blamed the fire on a communist man they had found wandering the street.

Now do I have trouble with the present Harper Tory party in power? No. It is not about that… It is over the issue that if you suspend one groups liberties now… those same policing powers can be employed against you or anyone else down the road.

It is simple. There are troublemakers from below; who want to damage our liberties. We know this ; and don’t argue with that. There are troublemakers from above. The second group is of greater concern; because they are the authorities; and pretend that they are around to  serve and protect us.

For the United States the pretext  was  9/11.  This was used to begin to  strip away citizens liberties. Now with October 22, 2014 we have a ‘pretext’ event in Ottawa, Canada to remove liberties in Canada.   Now we have had our reichstag fire in Canada. The Upper Floor (planners who appoint PMs and Presidents) was simply biding its time.

This is all about ‘one law for them’ – and ‘another law for you and I.’  Get used to showing your biometric passports on the street. Is that what your grandad fought for all those years ago? To have your government watch you?

They have long been building a cage and waiting for everyone to run inside out of their own fears; fears fanned by a mainstream media . Mainstream media stations are to no surprise already giving government a carte blanche to do whatever they need to do to get the ‘terrorists’. So who do you hunt? Who do you screen? Where does it end? How  are the security conditions shut off?

The Ottawa event was not an ad hoc happening.  It was a Reichstag Fire.

This fire will be used:

1. to apply an Indian Reserve Prosiska (pass) system in Canada; yes you are the new indians

2. it is part of a larger staged plan (called ‘piecemeal functionalism’) is part of the changes to re-manage this continent on the model of the European Union as a North American Union. It is about bringing Canada inside a North American Union – without your consultation.

3. These continental changes are a re-management program that was discussed under the ‘Partnerships for Peace Program’ at the North American Forum (‘Confab Banff’)  When?  Back in 1993; and behind closed doors.

This Ottawa reichstag fire will be used as a pretext to end habeas corpus in Canada and bring us inside a North American Union discussed years ago . ‘Sorry you weren’t in attendance.’

Advice? ‘Love your neighbours as yourself; and pray that the God of Jacob would make His calling on your life more clear; and pray daily for those in government.’ Proverbs 21:1 which says,  “The LORD directs the rulers heart like the flow of the river. He turns it wherever He wishes.”



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