The Underground Railroad and Technate North America


Editor’s Short:

North America. A place of liberty almost like no other in history. Yet what happens when your freedom of speech and assembly disappears?

Politicals on the run on this continent? Could it happen again?


Members of the Underground Railroad often used specific terms, based on the metaphor of the railway. For example:

  • People who helped slaves find the railroad were “agents” (or “shepherds”)
  • Guides were known as “conductors”
  • Hiding places were “stations”
  • “Station masters” hid slaves in their homes
  • Escaped slaves were referred to as “passengers” or “cargo”
  • Slaves would obtain a “ticket”
  • Similar to common gospel lore, the “wheels would keep on turning”
  • Financial benefactors of the Railroad were known as “stockholders”

The Big Dipper (whose “bowl” points to the North Star) was known as the drinkin’ goard.

Yesterday it was Black slaves in the southern United States who were runaway ‘criminals.’ Yes, lawbreakers by the books.

The Railroad was often known as the “freedom train” or “Gospel train”, which headed towards “Heaven” or “the Promised Land”, i.e., Canada.

As with the Americans,  Canadians are seeing their liberties curtailed. So where to hide now?

Governments will fail you. Man is a snare we are told.

Ask yourself ‘who is your compass’? ‘Where are you going next’?

My friend hear me now.  Seek your shelter in the arms of

‘ the One who died your death for you.

“For anyone who trusts in Him will in no wise be ashamed.”

“His blood will cleanse you to the uttermost”









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