‘They’ll Give You A Red Squiggley Line Sir’

When we do our word processing we quickly notice that the software puts a red squiggley line under a word(s) we’re sure are not incorrect.

The software thinks our word(s) require ‘correction’

In a similar way those of us with non-mainstream views are going to find a red squiggley line placed under us because of our views.

So how valuable is your liberty to you?

How important is your Freedom of Speech and Expression? How important to you in Freedom of Assembly?

Every day, our liberties are falling under more and more attack. These are liberties, which most of us born in the West, have long taken for granted.

For those born in other countries, or immigrants to the West, usually appreciate the freedom to speak or assemble much more than native born westerners do.

Why is this? What have Westerners forgotten? ‘To give back’

Namely, we need to be reminded that the field we have lived in needs to be sown with fresh seeds of life; to ensure there will be liberty for our and others children and grandchildren later.

More and more online regular people are receiving a ‘red squiggley line’ by their governments (i.e. ‘no fly lists).

When governments use less asking and more and more telling you know it’s time to stand up.


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