Psychological War to Build a Technocracy

‘The Relationship of B.F. Skinner’s Behaviorism on Shock Doctrine, Privatization & Continual Emergency State’


B.F. Skinner, who was an aqaintance of a psychologist I worked for in London, has influenced our society more than most would imagine in the area of understanding human behaviour; and in how people can be influenced by others.

Skinner argued that free will, the basis of consumer sovereignty and freedom of choice, is no more than an illusion, a fiction of man’s vanity, and that behavior, instead, is controlled by external influences. Although often haphazard and uncontrived, control is sometimes deliberately exercised by men and institutions for the purpose of getting others to do their bidding. Skinner is, of course, in favor of control and believes that the survival of our culture can only be assured if individuals are conditioned to want those things that serve the group interests.

Skinner contends that human behavior can be predicted and shaped through behavioral engineering precisely as if it were a chemical or biological process

The widespread use of computers. The computer enables the behavior modifier to process and store massive amounts of information. Large computer stored data banks provide almost limitless possibilities for possessing insight into the controlee’s past behavior, his activities, his interests, and his opinions.

Put Skinner’s thesis together with an ever evolving surveillance technology .

The result?

Let’s go further and simpler.

We are talking about a determinist technocratic elite self-assuming a right to think for you and I, and moving you and I around like concrete and soil in their building projects (See Cities Built on Bones in Soviet Union). They are determinists who understand Skinner’s thesis.

Skinner’s thinking pervades our modern society. It is present both unconsciously and consciously in the technocrats marketing, promoting, pushing Shock Doctrine, Continual Emergency State, Agenda 21 and the like.

The technocrats are macro and micromanagers; what they are not is libertarians.

The technocrats have not come to ‘ask’ – they are here to ‘tell.’

The technocrats are trusting that an economically declining, and thus distracted middle class, will mean they get to implement their pet projects unchallenged.

In short, the technocrats are the non-elected who hide behind the elected to accomplish their goals.

This is about selling off a country’s assets piece by piece to a few choice firms (players). Some are conquered by words; others by military force.

Governments are used to convince their citizens to agree to go to war. Conquer the country that doesn’t play ball in the Big Game (i.e. Iraq, Serbia, Syria)

This is about ‘Public made Private (Privatization)’, ‘Private made Public (Nationalisation)’ techniques. Both techniques have the same goal; they only appear to be different.  This is using Hegelian Dialectic (thesis plus antithesis equals synthesis). The goal of each is dictatorial control of society. A society where regular people’s rights have been reduced, curtailed, removed ‘for a greater good.’

The idea is to conquer countries, then make their people buyers for your products.


Case Studies to Search Engine:

Chile September 11, 1973 – Coup by Chicago School (Shock Doctrine) to sieze national assets (i.e. copper)

Soviet Union/Russia 1991:

Gorbachev – Given new job as Chair of International Green Cross (‘Agenda 21 Promotion Tool’)

Yeltsin – Constitution Violated to Implement Shatalin 500 Plan (‘Shock Doctrine’) .

Russia 1990s – Market Reforms are ‘Loans for Shares’  ‘Oligarchs allowed to run Russia’

By 2005 – Globalists have been recognized and are being resisted in Russia.

Putin is not perfect; but he has exposed the Anglo-American Privatization Agenda

Iraq –Present – country conquered,  ‘Super Privatization’ implemented (‘Green’ and ‘Red’ Zones formed; this is model to be used in other countries)

Privatization Service Contracts are being given to big players:

i.e.: Haliburton, DynCorp, Booz Allan

Private Security Firms – PSFs (‘Mercenary Companies; Crusaders’) i.e. Academi, Asia Security Group, Defion Internacional, DynCorp, Erinys, G4S, are used to police, guard, secure newly privatized areas, cities, regions.
PSFs – are brought in to replace regular military after a conquest of a ‘rogue’ country ; to police conquered areas; to ‘suppress uprisings’ against this global privatization (‘shock’) process.

‘Privatization’ is a conquest clothed in free enterprise terminology

Once it was the Third World – ‘Now it’s your doorstep. ‘

Idea: Repent; then organise yourselves (non-violently) like the Icelanders

What will the implications of these technologies be once Corporations and Governments are one? :

Google Glass

New app: NameTag

Search: panopticon


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