If You Want Liberty – Take Up Your Cross

The liberties, which many of us were born into, are disappearing at an incredible pace. Most often the departure of a society’s liberties goes unannounced; and most often their removal unchallenged by the people of the society. This is what we are facing now, here in the West, early in this 21st Century. Whether we realise or recognise it or not, we are all beneficiaries of liberties. These liberties did not arise by accident. In only a handful of the 190 or so countries in the world do people enjoy liberties in the common definition. Most people in most countries live in tyrannies; where the most basic liberties are absent.  In the West at this present time very few people seem awake to our eroding liberties. We need to permit a fire to arise within our hearts which will create a fresh hunger for liberties.

History, one could say, is a compilation of presented stories of past lives lived and events happened. In these past lives lived and event happened few people have awoken during their lives to real liberty. Usually those ruling over them have afforded them very little liberty. Liberty can only begin to arrive in one’s heart after one has begun to learn who they are and where they are going. Until then, one flows in the current of a large river being told what to do and who they are – by someone else.

The loss of one’s liberties is most often not noticed right away. Instead, for one to realize change has come, a contrast is needed to reveal the removal of those liberties.  Also a vacuum of emptiness begins to dawn on the person showing them that earlier ‘good ol’ days’ are now only being found in books, movies and in one’s memories. When liberty has migrated away one begins to notice that life has become one of where telling has replaced most of the asking of one in the former garden of his or her society.

It will be in the dark emptiness to be encountered in the years ahead that we will begin to realize what treasure and life we have abandoned; and what was most dear have cast away to our loss. Many of our idols will begin to fall; though we will be good to open our hands to let them go. For ‘to trust in Man is a snare. Yet the Son of Man has come for us.’

‘He died for you and I’

December 24, 2013


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