New Edmonton Remand Centre a Concern for Many Locals

The New Edmonton Remand Centre


What is this place and why was it built?

The word on this is that ‘overcrowding’ of the present remand centre has called for the building of such a place for years. One also hears that the facility will create a alot of new jobs. See below as to where and which countries many of the employees for this gulag will come from – on the padding of your tax dollars. The cost – your hard earned taxes got it for a miniscule ‘$600 million dollars’ . ‘So make sure to enjoy the cost-value here.’

To Compare:

Several Edmontonians I have listened to recently have been and are still are trying to acquire a grants in order  to return to school for retraining; instead of remaining unemployed or sitting where they are under-employed.  They are using the little money they do earn just to pay their regular monthly expenses. The grants are needed because the tuition rates are so high per course that there just isn’t disposable income to cover this.  The funds to make such grants possible, we’ve been told – are not there.  Yet there were funds for this $600 million gulag. Is the new remand centre a wise investment for your taxes -dollar for dollar?  To hold: about 2000 inmates.  First things first before exploring the many serious questions concerning this condo complex appearance giant dungeon… $600 milllion divided by the forecasted 2000 prisoners the place is said to be able to hold is…? _________.

What psychologically does this facility communicate to us?

If over half a billion dollars were to instead be directed into health care and education areas what extra resources could we make available for our well-being and to equip our next generation with skills for the future?

One should know that this super prison is hiring foreign staffers along with locals. These foreigners will be hired on work visas, do not understand our society, or mentality, yet are going to be placed in charge of guarding – our fellow Canadian citizens.

Curious as to which countries Corrections are attempting to attract? They give contact numbers for workers in other countries to use to fast- track their entry in Corrections employment.

Given are some examples of which countries these guards will come to us from:

China (North): 108007141500

China (South): 108001401372

Mexico: 0018005145713

Philippines: 18001110151

Thailand: 0018001562045713

When Canadians apply for certain positions they are required to go through police checks. And for foreign workers, yes the same; but how can one be certain when the stamp is given by officials in other countries you tell me?

‘Brilliant idea.’  It has been intelligently determined by our federal government that foreign guards, with no socio-cultural affinity with us, and with no attachment to our community, shall be put in charge of Canadians incarcerated in this new megalithic prison.

Moreover, the question needs to be asked just ‘who’ this super-prison is going to hold in the months ahead?

Secondly, do we understand what is being paid for here?

Finally, that this is a for-profit institution; and this it is not going to voluntarily empty itself.

Its goal will be – ‘to remain as full as possible’.



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