Cloud Platforms – Want to Store here ? See Data Monopolization

The Cloud phenomenon comes hand in hand with Internet 2 (WWW2)

This matters is concerned with Data and Access Domination

Personal data storage options have been disappearing for some time from some stores and shops; and customers are being redirected instead to cloud options.


Oligopolies (‘big players; a small group dominates a given market’) use ‘gatekeeping’ to determine who uses data; and who does not use it.

If  oligarchs  determine, for whatever reason, that your website is ‘too radical’, or ‘doesn’t toe the line’, then you could  denied access to the cloud platforms where you have all your data stored.

Imagine  running a business and then, without warning, being denied access to your company data.

Then what?

Clients who have said ‘wrong things’ online are getting blocked; or denied access to their accounts.

Some of the worst data oligarch using gatekeeping include:



-You Tube

All these companies have arbitrarily blocked users accounts ‘more than several times.’ These oligarchs simply deemed account users ‘to have done something wrong.’  The problem is “where is their rule book for these judges”? How does a potential client /user know what is wrong;  and what is not wrong?

They have been making money off clients; and assume ‘a right to govern clients too.’

Other people afraid of retribution simply self-censor themselves, instead of facing a denial of access.

‘Thanks for listening’

Important: ‘Watch for more PPPs (Public-Private Partnerships) being formed’

Method: PPPs are a way corporations get their hands on public information (through collaborating with gov’t through PPPs companies promote)


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