Understanding Full Spectrum Domination: ‘Remember this is Your Neighborhood and Mine to Uphold’

Each of us as people inherently seek and desire liberty. Yet not everyone is willing to come fully awake and understand what is necessary in order for this liberty to be maintained and upheld.

‘How Valuable is Your Sovereignty and Liberty to You’?

‘Are you willing to Understand where you are really at in society’? There is a cost to knowing

‘Afraid’? –  ‘or Brave Enough to Look below’?

After having served under a Canadian Member of Parliament back in the 1990’s my own personal journey exploring this reality ended up taking me to live, work and reside on four continents. Over these years my own questions and research introduced me even further to the matter Joan discusses with us here. After hearing of Joan’s death I made a decision to publish her findings for others to learn from.

Our Guest: the late Joan Veon (International Speaker, Geopolitics Researcher)

‘When Central Banks Rule the World’



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