Russell Means: Americans are the New Indians

Inside is a personal and perspective-widening documentary by the late Russell Means, who will be greatly missed. Russell was and is a legendary Sioux actor,  activist, writer and was a man of serious intent.  Russell challenged the Federal authorities and called them on their numerous treaty violations and broken promises.  Russell  was involved in several American Indian Movement (AIM) occupations in an attempt to awaken the general American public to ongoing failures by the U.S. Government to honor its promises and obligations to American Indian (Russell’s preference) communities.  In this well worth watching documentary Russell discusses and gives his perspective on several changes taking place in the United States including constitutional violations by the US Government and the Reserve System and how this is a ‘Repeated Variable in History which applies to all of us American Indian or not.’

Russell shares a clear message here: that if non-Aboriginal Americans will not call their Federal Government on its behavior towards the American Indian communities concerning violation of its treaty promises then those Average Americans will themselves be visited with the same kind of arbitrary police state behavior themselves. The average American must come to understand the lies and games which have been used against American Indian peoples; and be seriously willing to correct their own ways; and be willing tell their own government what is and is not acceptable behavior towards any and all American citizens. 

What mainstream Americans do not want to do is wait until they are touched personally by governmental abuse and injustice. For if Americans Russell warns chose to remain asleep and apathetic towards these questions thinking these pronouncements ‘unreal’ or ‘alarmist’ they will soon find that if they do later chose to stand up for accountability ‘the knock will fall upon their own door’ . Except then there will be nobody left to identify with them; or to stand up in their defense. They will be alone; like the Sioux were at Wounded Knee (‘this is a Repeated Variable in History’).

The bell of dire warning has been tolling for years for Americans.  The American Indian communities have been through their ‘dark night.’  Yet ‘midnight’ is coming for Americans who have yet to realize the day and hour they are now in; actually for many years already.

The person need not be an American Indian to ask why rights and justice for American Indians were denied to them for so long. here is a dire lesson to be learned in this documentary which concerns each and every one of us.

Please feel free to leave your comments after watching carefully the video below:

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