The Toronto Police State Test Run – G8/G20 Summit (2010)

We agreed to lock down the whole centre of Toronto down for ((((((((((who))))))))))??????????????

Yes, we are talking about the June 26–27, 2010 G20 Summit in Toronto. The G8 portion was held in Huntsville. The combined cost for all this was about – $1 Billion. Taxpayers enjoy what your lack of question-asking brings; those of you who are unemployed see why the EI budget needs to be reduced?

Multiple pedestrian Canadians, who just found themselves in the vicinity, were set upon and arrested during this Toronto G8/G20 Summit. Police, who are you working for??? Your actions gave harmful precedent for the future. Your willingness to make ‘triple wages’ to guard an unelected elite will return on your own heads. In the future you will find that a niece or nephew of yours have been arrested by police at a dark checkpoint somewhere else in Canada – ‘they will have no habeus corpus to protect them’!  Turn now and go on alternative media – ‘tell the truth through your own story.’

We have a very clever use of the language of Environment and Security bringing people to voluntarily surrender their liberties.

The people being guarded at this Summit are instituting ‘Piecemeal Functionalism’ ; and its intended result is ‘crumbs for you – caviar for us’

Witness Now: Generations of our forebearers were murdered, imprisoned, transported and separated from their loved ones in order that we would arrive at enjoying the civil and personal liberties we know at present. These same sacrifice-won liberties are being violated – and flushed down the toilet in one day.  For the sake of your forebearers and your own name – wake up; stand up; speak out! ; or your children are going to end up ‘soylent green’

Short video:



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